Derek Kelly Beef - Swift & Simple
A quick spaghetti bolognaise, chilli con carne, beef stir fry, steak and kidney pie? All are Swift & Simple with KellyBronze beef.
Our Best Mince81.00kg£9.00 VIEW DETAILS
3Kg of Best Mince243.00kg£24.00 VIEW DETAILS
Handmade Angus Burgers81.00kg£10.00 VIEW DETAILS
3 packs of Handmade Angus Burgers243.00kg£25.00 VIEW DETAILS
Individual Steak Pies1250g£3.00 VIEW DETAILS
4 Individual Steak Pies41.00kg£12.00 VIEW DETAILS
Stir Fry-Stroganoff81.00kg£17.00 VIEW DETAILS

Whatever you make with our mince, it will be lean and tasty! Our new Steak & Kidney pies are the best yet, and as for a stroganoff, well who wouldn't want that for dinner?