Frequently Asked Questions

How long is beef aged?

The meat is dry hung for 3 weeks. They are then cut into primals and wet aged for a further 3 weeks.
After 6 weeks of ageing the retail cuts are prepared and dispatched to our mail order customers. The beef is then 6 weeks old.

How are the cattle fed?

The cattle are grass fed and turned out on pasture from April to Oct. They are yarded over the winter and fed silage only.
The silage is a ryegrass - red clover mix. To finish our cattle we also feed them grass pellets. This ensures the richness of the grass comes through in the flavour our beef.

How long can I keep Derek Kelly Beef in my freezer?

The frozen product has a use by date which is 12 months from day of freezing.

Where can I buy Derek Kelly Beef?

You can order our full range of beef here on the website. Or the 1st Friday of the month, here at Springate Farm, CM3 4EP. Also 1st Saturday of the month at Danbury Farmers Market. Danbury Sports & Social Centre, CM3 4NQ. (Excluding January)

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